I have the following list of Cichlids for sale with more to come. All are healthy and very active

5x Medium Sized Convicts(1M/1F) $5.00each
1x Medium Pink Convict $8.00

9x Small to Medium Jaguar Cichlids(rare) $15.00each

Nicaragua Cichlid(Macaw Cichlid):
1x Large Nicaragua $20.00

Various African Cichlids:
1x Large Red Zebra $20.00
9x Medium RedxAlbino Zebra's $8.00each
20x Small Blue Zebra's $5.00each
5x Small Snow Whites $5.00each

SMALL= 1"to 2.5" Fish
MEDIUM 2.5" to 4" Fish
LARGE 4"+ Fish

Pictures are not the best, they all look way better in person.

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